Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feel Free to Steal This Idea Next Year, Tucson Restaurants

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Calexico's Facebook feed yesterday provided a link to a Chicago restaurant that is immortalizing the band in burger form (adobo steak burger, green chiles, avocado, grilled cebollitos). While it's always nice to see Joey and John recognized, even in the culinary world, the story behind the indie rock burger is probably more interesting than the likely delicious burger itself.

Each year, Logan Square-area seasonal-driven restaurant Lula Cafe takes on a new theme for one night only on Halloween. According to Time Out Chicago, "In 2007 the restaurant morphed into Olive Garden. The following year, it was O’Lulahan’s, an Irish pub. Last year it was Not Doug’s, a kind of zombie version of Hot Doug’s."

This year, Lula is parodying/paying tribute to a burger restaurant down the street from them called Kuma's Corner, which names its burgers after heavy metal acts (Baroness, Mastodon, Brujeria and the like). Lula's one-night-only take featured burgers either inspired by (the Calexico one) or devised by (the Shellac burger) indie-rock acts.

Obviously, we're unlikely to head to Chicago just to get a limited edition burger (although with whiskey joint Longman and Eagle down the street, the idea is tempting), and it's a little late for this year, but couldn't a Tucson restaurant ripoff appropriate this idea for next year? Late October isn't usually when a restaurant in this town needs a boost of attention, so maybe for April Fool's? It's an instant PR hook (I know we'd report on it) and just plain fun for everyone involved.

Step up your game, Tucson restaurateurs ... I want to see some one-off restaurant concepts in six months.

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