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The Very Nearly Almost Complete Election Wrap-Up

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Thanks to some stragglers in the statewide and Pima County election counting offices, we're still waiting on the final count from yesterday's primary election, but many of the races are all but wrapped up by this point. If you are just waking up, here's what happened in the big races:

-John McCain handily trounced opponent J.D. Hayworth in the Republican primary for senate, with the Politician Formerly Known As The Maverick grabbing more than half the vote.

-Rodney Glassman edged out his Democratic challengers for the senate primary, getting more than a third of the vote.

-David Lujan and Felicia Rotinelli are neck and neck in the attorney general race on the Dem side, as are Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas on the Republican side. It's going to be a while before anyone can call this one.

-Jesse Kelly will likely beat out Jonathan Paton in the CD8 race to face incumbent Gabrielle Giffords.

-Democrat Chris Deschene is handily ahead in the secretary of state race. He'll face Ken Bennett in the general election.

-It looks to be a John Huppenthal vs. Penny Kotterman contest for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

-Doug Ducey is the likely winner on the Republican side for state treasurer. Democrat Andrei Cherney ran unopposed on the Democratic side.

If you're curious, here's how the numbers are shaping up so far (this represents 415 of 417 Pima County precincts reporting and only 2 of the 15 Arizona counties fully reporting):

Congressional District 8, Republican

Jesse Kelly: 48.80 percent

Jonathan Paton: 41.23 percent

Brian Miller: 7.54 percent

Jay Quick: 2.17 percent

U.S. Senate, Republican

John McCain: 56.04 percent

J.D. Hayworth: 32.04 percent

Jim Deakin: 11.69 percent

U.S. Senate, Democratic

Rodney Glassman: 34.15 percent

Cathy Eden: 26.36 percent

John Dougherty: 23.81 percent

Randy Parraz: 14.40 percent

Arizona Attorney General, Republican

Tom Horne: 49.77 percent

Andrew Thomas: 49.69 percent

Arizona Attorney General, Democrat

Felecia Rotellini: 40.99 percent

Vince Ragabo: 17.57 percent

David Lujan: 40.45 percent

Arizona Secretary of State, Democrat

Chris Deschene: 62.08 percent

Sam Wercinski: 37.00 percent

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Republican

John Huppenthal: 58.29 percent

Margaret Dugan: 27.79 percent

Beth Price: 13.52 percent

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Democrat

Penny Kotterman: 65.45 percent

Jason Williams: 33.60 percent

Legislative District 25 House, Democrat

Pat Fleming: 43.00 percent

Ken Davis: 20.42 percent

Ruben Ortega: 35.74 percent

Legislative District 26 House, Republican

Vic Williams: 41.33 percent

Terry Proud: 31.43 percent

Wade McLean: 26.87 percent

Legislative District 27 House, Democrat

Sally Ann Gonzales: 16.83 percent

Macario Saldate: 14.58 percent

Dustin Cox: 12.23 percent

Bob Gilby: 12.74 percent

John Kromko: 12.17 percent

Eric Carbajal Bustamante: 11.73 percent

John Bernal: 9.57 percent

Sami Hamed: 9.56 percent

Legislative District 28 House, Democrat

Steve Farley: 34.58 percent

Bruce Wheeler: 21.48 percent

Mohur Sidwa: 19.24 percent

Tim Sultan: 14.65 percent

Tom Prezelski: 9.60 percent

Legislative District 30 Senate, Republican

Frank Antenori: 66.30 percent

Marian McClure: 33.51 percent

Legislative District 30 House, Republican

David Gowan: 34,04 percent

Ted Vogt: 28.47 percent

Doug Sposito: 11.76 percent

Kurt Knurr: 9.65 percent

Paralee Schneider: 9.17 percent

Brian Abbott: 6.70 percent

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