Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CD8: Giffords Welcomes Kelly to the Race

Posted By on Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 7:46 AM

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords wasted no time in getting an ad running against Republican Jesse Kelly, who won last night's GOP contest and the chance to face the incumbent Democrat in November.

Giffords had this to say in a press release: "Congratulations to Jesse Kelly on receiving the Republican Party's nomination tonight. I look forward to a serious discussion about Southern Arizona's future with Mr. Kelly over the next 10 weeks."

The National Republican Congressional Committee blasted Giffords in a press release:

Often described as a close ally to President Obama and the White House, Democrat incumbent and loyal lapdog Gabby Giffords embodies everything that is wrong with the out-of-touch Democrat majority. She has voted for the failed Democrat agenda almost 90 percent of the time and has readily supported everything from a failed trillion-dollar stimulus to a job-killing national energy tax and a disastrous healthcare bill. This kind of unbridled support may have won her popularity amongst the partisan Democratic caucus, but not with Arizona voters. However, Giffords’ biggest political weakness stems from her reluctance to

stand in favor of stronger border security measures — likely the most important issue on the minds of voters in this border district. After repeatedly putting Arizona’s economic vitality and jobs on the line, Giffords is now at risk of losing her own in November.

Republican nominee Jesse Kelly has a proven track record as a leader, having served in the United States Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He currently works as a project manager, running multi-million dollar infrastructure projects for his family’s construction business based in Tucson. In addition to his efforts in defending American freedoms and creating jobs in his local community, Jesse is also a proud husband and father to his wife Aubrey and infant son James.

After putting Arizona jobs at risk, Giffords may lose her own in November. With Kelly posing a strong challenge from the right and voter frustration mounting, it appears Giffords will finally be held accountable for her job-killing agenda this fall.

And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fired back at Kelly:

Jesse Kelly may have scored a come-from-behind victory in the Republican primary, but a closer look at his record shows just how out-of-touch Kelly is with the needs of southern Arizonans.

Kelly has called for “eliminate[ing] Social Security” which he also calls “the biggest pyramid scheme in history” and advocates privatizing Medicare — tearing the safety net out from underneath southern Arizonans.

Kelly wants to hike taxes by 23 percent on food, gas and clothes for middle class Arizonans, while reducing to zero taxes on corporations. He even called for reducing and eventually doing away with the minimum wage.

“There’s no question, Jesse Kelly’s views are not only out of the mainstream but dangerous for southern Arizonans,” said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Kelly may be good for a sound bite, but he’s wrong for Arizona.”