Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Election Results: Congressional and Statewide Races

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For official results from the Arizona Secretary of State, click here.

Congressional District 8, Republican

Jesse Kelly: 48.80 percent
Jonathan Paton: 41.23 percent
Brian Miller: 7.54 percent
Andy Goss: NA
Jay Quick: 2.17 percent

U.S. Senate, Republican
John McCain: 56.04 percent
J.D. Hayworth: 32.04 percent
Jim Deakin: 11.69 percent

U.S. Senate, Democratic
Rodney Glassman: 35 percent
Randy Parraz: 12 percent
Cathy Eden: 28 percent
John Dougherty: 23 percent

Arizona Attorney General, Republican
Andrew Thomas: 49.66 percent
Tom Horne: 49.77 percent

Arizona Attorney General, Democrat
Felecia Rotellini: 40.99 percent
Vince Ragabo: 17.57 percent
David Lujan: 40.45 percent

Arizona Secretary of State, Democrat
Chris Deschene: 62.08 percent
Sam Wercinski: 37 percent

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Republican
John Huppenthal: 58.29 percent
Margaret Dugan: 27.79 percent
Beth Price: 13.52 percent

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Democrat
Penny Kotterman: 65.45 percent
Jason Williams: 33.60 percent

Congressional District 7, Republican
Christopher Flowers: NA
Ruth McClung: 54.4 percent
Terry Myers: 23.16 percent
Joe Sweeney: 12.36 percent
Robert Wilson: 9.03 percent

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