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Politico: Ben Quayle Denies Role in Launching Sex-Gossip Site TheDirty.com

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Nik Richie of thedirty.com is making a strange accusation about Ben Quayle, the son of former VP Dan Quayle who is running for Congress in CD3. Note: Link is probably NSFW.

Politico reports that Quayle denies any role in developing the sex-and-gossip site:

“I did not have a role in founding that site,” Quayle, a lawyer who runs a small Scottsdale investment firm, told POLITICO in an interview Tuesday morning when asked whether he was one of the original contributors to the sex-themed site.

“I was not involved in the site,” he said when pressed about whether he had any role.

Politico adds:

The idea behind Dirty Scottsdale was simple: Solicit photographs of Scottsdale club goers, post them online, and comment on the appearance and behavior of people in the pictures

“We are looking to bring you the best trash this city has to offer,” the site’s original description said.

Richie said Quayle wrote under the alias “Brock” and launched a popular standing feature called “Brock’s Chick” in which he documented his quest to find the “hottest chick in Scottsdale.” Quayle published between eight to 10 blog posts on the site over a three or four month period, Richie said

“I don’t have any comment on this thing right now,” Quayle said when asked whether he wrote under the Brock pseudonym.

Richie said Quayle cut ties with both him and Dirty Scottsdale after what had been an underground gag site among friends began attracting millions of hits.

“He shut it down. He restructured his life knowing that one day he would run for public office,” Richie said. “He said, ‘I cannot have any involvement and you cannot tell a soul I am part of Dirty Scottsdale because it would ruin any political chance I would have in the future.’”

Read the whole thing here.

And we wonder: Can Arizona politics get any stranger?

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