Friday, July 16, 2010

The GOP Senate Smackdown: McCain vs. Hayworth vs. Deakin

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After watching Republicans John McCain, J.D. Hayworth and Jim Deakin go after each other in tonight's GOP Senate debate, it's almost hard to believe they'll be back in the ring tomorrow here in Tucson. Remember, political junkies: The show airs at 7 p.m. on Channel 6, KUAT-TV.

Here are the GOP Senate Debate Drinking Game Rules for Saturday's debate:

• Every time that Hayworth mentions the word "amnesty," take a drink.

• Every time that McCain mentions the words "Huckster" or "earmarks," take a drink.

• Every time that Jim Deakin mentions the U.S. Constitution, take a drink.

Here's a release from Democrat Rodney Glassman, who is one of four Democrats who want a shot at McCain's seat, on the incumbent's performance:

U.S. Senator John McCain repeatedly said during a Republican primary debate tonight that facts are stubborn things.

Regrettably, he couldn't be more right.

Here are some stubborn facts:

Fact: John McCain once believed in sensible and workable immigration reform and now opposes it.

Fact: John McCain once favored deficit-bursting tax cuts on the rich and now opposes them.

Fact: John McCain suspended his presidential campaign to make sure the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) was approved but now opposes it.

Fact: John McCain once called himself a maverick and now says he never was.

Fact: John McCain once presented himself as a statesman above politics and now

presents himself as a typical three-decade, flip-flopping Beltway insider.

Fact: John McCain has consistently ignored Arizona while calling himself the world's senator.

Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate Rodney Glassman pledges these facts, "I will serve Arizona, put the state back to work, address the immigration mess and lift Arizona from dead-last in classroom spending so our kids can once again dream about competing in the global market."

"It's unfortunate that John McCain continues to run away from himself," said Glassman. "It's what happens when a senator fails to serve the state that sent him to Washington and finds himself exposed, even in his own party. Arizona needs a senator that will stand up for the people of Arizona and not lay down for narrow interests and rigid ideologies."

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