Monday, June 28, 2010

Buz Mills: "Obama Dupes Brewer"

Posted By on Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 7:21 PM

Republican gubernatorial candidate Buz Mills lays into Gov. Jan Brewer following today's news about the national guard troops and other federal resources coming to the border. The press release:

“The feds are sending Arizona a whopping 524 National Guard soldiers to patrol our border with Mexico. This is not enough and this is not acceptable.

Not only did President Obama’s team sidestep Brewer and deliver the news first to Terry Goddard, they delivered a token gesture that lacks

a commitment to secure the border. Jan Brewer may have gotten a photo op with President Obama, but she didn’t get much else.

524 soldiers divided into three shifts and spread over a 370 mile border doesn’t add up to much protection. In fact it adds up to just over half a soldier per mile based on a 7 day week.

Obama’s promise to send only 524 National Guard soldiers to the Arizona border is an insult to the people of this state and it represents the fed’s failure to take the matter seriously. On June 3, Brewer met with President Obama and called the meeting a success.

My plan calls for a local task force AND Arizona National Guard troops. This includes DPS officers working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies. President Obama doesn’t think securing the border is a priority. He also thinks he can pull a fast one on Arizona. Thanks to Governor Brewer he may get away with it this year. He won’t next year when I am Governor.”

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