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Bruce Ash's Pants Burst Into Flame on Arizona Illustrated

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Here's the Political Face-Off from last night's Arizona Illustrated. Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash tells a whopper: "Most Hispanics favor 1070. Here in Arizona, as well as nationally. It polls well among Hispanics."

We'd love to see that poll.

We've seen plenty of surveys that show support for SB 1070, but we haven't seen a single one that shows it has support from the Hispanic community.

Here are the results of polls that we found online:

Latino Decisions: 81 percent opposed.

Behavior Research Center: 69 percent opposed.

Research 2000: 76 percent opposed.

It's not even close. These numbers may soften over time, but to say that polls show that SB 1070 polls well among Hispanics is just makin' stuff up.

The Democratic Party is doing its best to capitalize on Latino unhappiness

with SB 1070, according to today's Arizona Republic:

In the seven weeks since Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed Arizona's tough new immigration law, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Latinos registering to vote as Democrats, party officials say, jumping from about 100 a week before to 500 now.

Many of those registering are young Latino citizens whose parents may be undocumented.

"Before, it used to be hard," said Luis Heredia, executive director of the Arizona Democratic Party. "Now, they are just saying, 'Can you give me a form?' or, 'I am already registered, but I know someone who isn't.'"

In the short term, SB 1070 is a winner for Republicans. But in the long run? There are a lot of kids in this country with parents who are undocumented. There are a lot of citizens who have an in-law living with them who's undocumented. Do you really think they're going to embrace the political party that's trying to round up and deport their family members?

We think Bruce needs to talk to more southside "brown people," as he likes to call them.

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