Friday, May 14, 2010

Today in Televised Tucson Food News

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Andrew Zimmern poses with the staff at El Charro Cafe
  • Andrew Zimmern poses with the staff at El Charro Cafe

The Travel Channel recently sent us some pictures of Andrew Zimmern dining at the downtown El Charro Café location, 311 N. Court Ave., and Maico, over at 835 E. 22nd St. Just last night I watched Zimmern eat grilled snakes, snake eggs, blood cake (made from congealed animal blood), lungs and fermented slime that looked like a fuzzy jello jiggler. One wonders how El Charro’s sun-dried carne seca and Maico’s delicious birria will measure up when the episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern airs on Monday.

Zimmern stares contemplatively at a bowl of birria at Maico.
  • Zimmern dips into the birria at Maico.

Also in televised food news: Bobby Flay was apparently here last weekend, and he also dined at the downtown El Charro Café, according to my Twitter account. Flay has a flare for Southwestern cuisine, and the word is that he was here to take on Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe in a chorizo throwdown. That could make for a great matchup, and we are sincerely hoping that the Mosaic Cafe kicks the holy living shit out of Flay—figuratively—during the competition.

(Note: While we do earnestly hope that Bobby Flay loses the competition, we would like to thank him for not boycotting Arizona. That is all.)

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