Monday, April 5, 2010

Republican Brian Miller on Paton's Half-Million-Dollar Haul: "Is This Democracy? Or Just More Bought-and-Paid-For Politics As Usual?"

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Republican Brian Miller responds to the news that Jonathan Paton, his rival for the Republican nomination in CD8 to run against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has raised a half-million dollars in the first quarter:

Brian Miller raised over $60,000 in the 1st Quarter from many hundreds of donors within Congressional District 8. Nearly 100 people donated in the last 24 hours of the quarter alone!

Meanwhile, his opponent, Arizona State Senator Jonathan Paton is reporting that he has raised $500,000 since he entered the race. And it's certainly an impressive number. But look more closely at the facts. Paton says he raised his money from 1,000 donors-but that's an average of $500 per contribution! Is this democracy? Or just more bought and paid for politics as usual?

Reportedly, Paton collected over $100,000 in one night, in one home! $500,000 in 9 weeks! Is this democracy? Or is it yet another elitist attempt to decide our elections

without voter input? Once again, the citizens of Southern Arizona are disregarded in favor of the big money/politics-as-usual crowd.

I know I won't be able to out fund-raise an establishment politician with Paton's backing-but the people who contribute to and support my campaign also know that when I'm elected they won't be ignored in favor of special interests and special deals. Think about this: when thousands of constituents each give $10 or $20 to a campaign, what do they expect? Good governance. When one person hands a candidate hundreds of thousands of dollars, what does he
expect? Obedience.

Thousands of people have contributed small amounts to my campaign-whatever they can afford-because they know that I am loyal only to the Constitution and accountable to them.

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