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Playboy Comes To Tucson

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Former PAC-10 model and Playmate Juliette Frette: Playboy is not something to be taken lightly.
  • Former PAC-10 model and Playmate Juliette Frette: "Playboy is not something to be taken lightly."

Brittany Munsee was abuzz following her audition for Playboy’s upcoming “Girls of the Pac-10” pictorial today.

“Me and my sisters watched The Girls Next Door and I always wanted to try it out,” says Munsee, a UA English major from Southern Cal. “I’ve never really read the magazine, but the girls in it always look so pretty.”

Munsee was nervous on her way to her interview with Playboy photographer Dave Rams in a hotel near the university, but says the shoot ended up being a lot of fun.

“One more thing I can check off the list,” she laughs.

Munsee had brought along two friends for support, but neither one was interested in posing. They texted quietly on a couch while Munsee interviewed with Rams in an adjoining bedroom.

One of them getting messages from her little brother.

"Harry's like, 'Did she do it?' I'm like, 'Yes, Harry.' He's like, 'Did you do it?' I'm like, 'No, Harry.'"

The Playboy siren didn't attract many takers today. Only a handful of girls tried out, but there will be another casting call tomorrow. Rams will

forward the photographs along with his recommendations to Playboy editors, who will then make the final selection and contact the girls about posing.

Juliette Fretté, who first appeared in Playboy as a Girl of the Pac-10 in 2005 and ended up Coed of the Month in 2006, says she loves working with the magazine.

Fretté originally auditioned for Playboy while working on her UCLA honor's thesis: "Posing for Playboy from a Feminist Perspective: How Media Images Impact Women's Empowerment.”

“I never thought that I would pose for Playboy,” she says. “I was a women’s study major, and I grew up with the idea that is wasn’t a respectable thing to do. But I thought it could be fun and a really interesting feminist experiment to pose for Playboy as a feminist researcher and keep a journal.”

Fretté had a great experience working with Playboy, although it got her tossed out of Kappa Delta.

“It’s been quite a roller-coaster,” she says. “It made me realize that empowerment can sometimes be found in the most unlikeliest of places.”

But she has a note of caution for girls who are considering whether to try out tomorrow.

Playboy is not something to taken lightly,” she says. “It will change their lives in ways that they cannot even imagine right now. Even if they don’t become a Playmate, people will look them up on the Internet and they will be known for it.”

Journalism student and former Tucson Weekly intern Samantha M. Sais says she posed “out of curiosity.”

“I thought it was great,” Sais says. “It’s never been a goal of mine, but I’ve done some other photography stuff in terms of fine art and modeling, so this was just kind of for fun.”

If you're interesting in posing on Tuesday, April 6, you can register for an interview via the Pac-10 link at or by calling 312-401-7341.

Visit Juliette Frette’s Web site here.

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