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First in the Crowded House: Democrat Bob Gilby Files in LD27

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UPDATED on Tuesday March 30: Well, Bob Gilby tried to file, but he ran into a snag. Turns out you have to file your petitions with the Secretary of State's office in Phoenix, not Tucson, so he'll be driving up north tomorrow.

With two open House seats—Rep. Olivia Cajero Bedford is running for the state Senate, while Rep. Phil Lopes is retiring that ol' bow tie—the Democratic primary in Legislative District 27 promises to be a crowded affair.

So far, you've got:

Sami Hamed, the aide to Congressman Raul Grijalva;

Dustin Cox, director of a couple of nonprofits that train "the next generation of business, non-profit, government, and community leaders to combat racism, bias, bigotry, and violence in all its forms."

Bob Gilby, husband of former Pima County Democratic Party chairwoman Donna Branch-Gilby and onetime primary opponent of Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson;

John Martin Bernal, a high-school math teacher at charter school.

Eric Carbajal Bustamante, who had a lot of rough edges in his first run for a House seat in a crowded House race in Legislative District 29 two years ago;

• Sally Ann Gonzales, who represented the area in the Legislature in the 1990s;

• Macario Saldate, whom we need to track down and learn more about.

Gilby is the first to file his nominating petitions and Clean Elections contributions.

From his press release:

Bob Gilby, a candiate for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 27 filed his nominating petitions and Clean Elections contributions on Monday with the Secretary of State’s office in Tucson. He is the first candidate in LD 27 to submit nominating petition signatures to appear on the Primary Election ballot of August 24, and five-dollar contributions to qualify for campaign funding from the Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission.

Bob Gilby stated, “Arizona’s Republican-controlled Legislature is taking us down the wrong track. They have slashed education and health care funding, costing Arizonans thousands of jobs. They have put us all in danger by eliminating the background check requirement for someone to carry a concealed weapon. It’s time to bring sanity and leadership to the Legislature. I will stand up for kids and build public education as the engine for a strong economy for all Arizonans.”

Bob Gilby teaches math at Marana High School and Pima Community College. He co-founded the Milagro Cohousing Community where he served as the financial officer during its development. Mr. Gilby carries industrial engineering experience from the copper and finance industries.

Mr. Gilby is a 33-year resident of Arizona.

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