Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paton For Congress, Antenori For State Senate

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If state Sen. Jonathan Paton does announce tomorrow that he will get into the race for the Congressional District 8 seat now held by Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, we can expect Rep. Frank Antenori to look for a promotion to Paton's Senate seat.

Antenori believes Paton will run for Congress; he sent out the following bulletin today:

Current State Representative Frank Antenori will launch his campaign for Legislative District 30 Senate as soon as current District 30 Senator Jonathan Paton makes his widely anticipated announcement for Congress this Sunday.

Several residents of the district have asked Rep. Antenori if who will fill the seat and he assured them that he will be running for District 30 Senate. Rep. Antenori stated: “My constituents have expressed concern that a conservative continue to hold the Senate seat. I assured them that I will keep working to bring more businesses and jobs to Arizona and District 30 so we can wave good bye to the recession and the deficits. It is imperative that we get this state back on the right economic and budgetary track. That is my mission.”

One question that remains: Will Paton stick out his term or resign to focus on the race? We expect it would be the latter, if for no other reason than to avoid having to vote for the brutal cuts that will be necessary to balance the budget. If that's the case, Antenori could also try to wrangle an appointment to Paton's seat.

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