Thursday, January 7, 2010

21st Century Disney: "Daddy, Let's Pretend We're the Others"

Posted By on Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 7:25 PM

Lostfans, preparing for the final season, are petitioning the show's parent company to help keep the TV show's spirit alive.

They're asking Disney to turn Tom Sawyer Island into a Lost-themed island trip to Dharmaville.

These childhood-crushing transformations aren't new; Swiss Family Robinson's Tree House is now Tarzan's Tree House; the Pirates of the Caribbean got a makeover and a Captain Jack; and Adventure Though Innerspace (the one with the big 'ol eyeball staring at you) is gone.

The online petition is asking that the island be transformed into a Lost ride that could include the following:

The Frozen Donkey Wheel behind the Orchid Station testing chamber
The Swan station and Hatch ride
A submarine ride to Palu Ferry
Dharmaville Barracks
Smoke monster
Jacob's Cabin
The Egyptian Statue and Jacob's Lair

If you're equally upset that it's the last season and don't want the island fun to end, sign up here. I imagine the Smoke Monster feature could become a favorite with the kids when it drags Aunt Opal or a baby sister into the bushes.