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Painting With Dale Strong

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Adding in Trees
  • Adding in Trees

I recently interviewed Dale Strong, a local artist who uses iced-tea spoons to paint instead of brushes or palette knives. Read it here.

He teaches inexperienced students how to paint landscapes using his method. On a recent Saturday afternoon, I paid for a class and accepted Dale's challenge to paint a picture. I have never painted before.

Adding Water and Rocks
  • Adding Water and Rocks

In a period of about four hours, Dale and I created a landscape scene of Cottonwood Creek at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. I have to give credit to him, as he touched up my goofs and painted the bridge, for the sake of expediency.

I learned about persepective, composition and balance and was taught to look at things with greater awareness. The sky is not just blue, nor are trees all the same hue. Proper shading is important; you wouldn't put shade on both sides of a tree trunk, as the sun is only on one side.

  • Completion

With a very encouraging demeanor and non-intimidating style, Dale is the art teacher you wish you had in school. He made jokes, kept it light and was very complimentary. Had he taught me in grade-school art class, I wouldn't have missed a day.

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