Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shaun McClusky, Big Spender!

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Here’s a surprise from the recently wrapped city election: Democrat Richard Fimbres, who won the race to replace Steve Leal in Ward 5, was outspent by Republican opponent Shaun McClusky.

New campaign-finance reports show through Nov. 9, McClusky spent $90,211, compared to Fimbres’ $78,526.

McClusky, a political rookie, also managed to outraise Fimbres, despite Fimbres’ deep community ties.

McClusky raised a total of $49,649, which was matched by $45,822 in city matching funds.

Fimbres raised just $44,837, which was matched by $38,442 in city matching funds.

McClusky had trailed Fimbres in fundraising until the final weeks of the campaign. Between Oct. 15 and Nov. 9, McClusky raised $15,420, while Fimbres raised just $5,936.

McClusky spent a staggering $82,330 after Oct. 15, according to his campaign finance report. The spending included roughly $15,000 on robocalls and $54,500 on a mailer accusing Fimbres of mishandling money when he headed up the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Those campaign expenditures were paid to Lincoln Strategy Group, which is run by Phoenix political consultant Nathan Sproul.

Here's McClusky's most recent report: McCluskyFinal.pdf

Here's Fimbres' most recent report: FimbresFinal.pdf

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