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Seoul Food

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Kimchi is awesome.
  • Kimchi is awesome.
Seoul Kitchen rules, and the people who run it are nice. Plus, the owners said that if I liked the food, I should tell my friends about it, so I am.

The place opened a few weeks back at 4951 E. Grant Road. It's a family-run eatery with 10 or so tables and a simple décor. It seems to pull in a pretty steady crowd and was relatively busy on a recent Wednesday night.

Korean food had always been a mystery outside of my obsession with kimchi, so I was flying blind. When this is the case, I just order whatever is the most fun to say. That turned out to be "be bim bap," a variety of vegetables topped with a fried egg. I didn't really know what to do with it when it arrived, but the owner sensed my confusion and helped with instructions on how to enjoy it properly.

The meal was preceeded by miso soup (included in the price of the meal) and came with two types of kimchi (also included). Both the kimchi, and the be bim bap (damn, that is fun to say) were hotter than summer asphalt, but in a way that was less painful than many spicy dishes I've tried.

The nicest touch though was that the bill came with a tiny, chilled yogurt drink that all but extinguished the spicy oral wildfire that lingered after the meal. Nice touch.

Prices are in the $5 to $12 range. Call 881-7777 for more information.

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