Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GOP: Willing to Ask for Recount

Posted By on Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 12:34 AM

The Republicans closed Chuy's down at 11 p.m., but before the tables were cleared, and the GOP packed away their PA system, Pima County Republican Party Chairman Bob Westerman told the remaining group of more than 50 people that if the difference between Democrat Nina Trasoff and challenger Steve Kozachik remained tight, he was prepared to demand a recount.

Westerman made that statement when Trasoff was ahead by 600 votes—but an hour later, Kozachik took the lead with 31,706, and Trasoff had 30,507.

Perhaps it’s the Democrats' Jeff Rogers who will be asking for the recount tomorrow morning. Or perhaps the GOP will ask for a recount in the Karin Uhlich/Ben Buehler-Garcia race, where Uhlich's lead was down to less than 600.

News of Kozachik's success delighted Stacey Freiman, who sat during the GOP party in front of her laptop all night, looking at the latest election results from the Pima County Web site—right until the Chuy's staff shut down the WiFi. Freiman was at the party with her husband, Scott.

"It would be a positive change for downtown," Freiman said regarding Kozachik's possible win, adding that they live and work downtown.

The couple said they were supporters of the failed Prop 200 and felt that if it passed, it would have forced city government to make cuts to the general fund in order to pay for more police officers.

"That money is there, but someone has to be willing to make the cuts that need to be made," Scott Freiman said.

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