Saturday, October 31, 2009

Odds on the Odd: Place Yer Bets on Tuesday's Election

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OK, Tedski, Az Blue Meanie, Tucson Vice, Red Star, Thumper, Nate1980 and all you other political junkies out there: Here's the TW Spread on next week's election. Feel free to place your bets in the comments section. Side wagers welcomed.

TRASOFF: 3 percentage points over Kozachik
UHLICH: 5 percentage points over Buehler-Garcia
Fimbres: 10 percentage points over McClusky
Prop 200 NO: 10 percentage points over Prop 200 YES
Prop 400 NO: 5 percentage points over Prop 400 YES
Prop 401 NO: 2 percentage points over Prop 401 YES
Prop 402 NO: 2 percentage points over Prop 402 YES



Overall Turnout: 26 percent

Percentage of voters casting early ballots: 60 percent

Percentage of early ballots returned compared to number mailed: 60 percent

Winners will be determined by final canvass.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Gambling on the outcome of elections is strictly prohibited by Arizona law.

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