Monday, October 26, 2009

Tucson Association of Realtors President on Gila Courier: "Those Are Not My Words"

Posted By on Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 8:25 PM

Well, that was quick.

After we directed Tucson Association of Realtors President Lisa Suarez to a post on the Gila Courier that purported to be her unedited op-ed that the Arizona Daily Star didn't have the guts to print, Suarez wrote to let us know: "Not only did I not authorize that version, those are not my words."

Perhaps the reason the Arizona Daily Star did not print that version is that they never reviewed that version. This much I can say: Editorial Page editor Ann Brown told me tonight that she had no recollection of any reference to Mike Letcher's vodka budget in any drafts of Suarez' op-ed.

At any rate, shortly after we revealed that Suarez had nothing to do with the editorial at Gila Courier, the post was removed from "Arizona's leading political news site" with no mention that they had either fabricated a column or been the victim of a hoax from someone with the pro-Prop 200 campaign.

If you want to see the version that ran on Gila Courier, you can find it way down in the comments section on this post. Given that it was not a column by Suarez, Nate1980 (who posted the bogus column here) will perhaps withdraw his request that I respond to its content?

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