Monday, October 26, 2009

Realtor Says She Does Not Stand Behind Op-Ed Published Under Her Name At Gila Courier

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The folks at local blog Gila Courier published an op-ed defending Prop 200 this morning that carried the byline of Lisa Suarez, the president of the Tucson Association of Realtors, which has contributed the largest funding to the Public Safety First Initiative.

Gila Courier claimed to be publishing an op-ed that had been rejected by the Arizona Daily Star. A similar version appeared in the Star this morning.

Saurez tells us via e-mail that she does not stand behind the version of the column that appears on the Gila Courier site:

I am not aware of any other posting of my op-ed, and if one is circulating it is certainly without my permission. The only opinion I stand by is the one I submitted to the Arizona Daily Star published this morning.

The op-ed at the Gila Courier site, which was also posted by Nate1980 in a comment thread here at The Range, appears to accuse City Manager Mike Letcher of having a drinking problem:

The state of Arizona just released it’s “consensus revenue projections” (Joint Legislative Budget Committee report dated 22 OCT 09) through Fiscal Year 2013. Guess what? The State is demonstrating that our City can reasonably expect to receive $2 trillion dollars in revenues between now and then. More than enough to even cover Letcher’s vodka budget for a month.

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