Monday, October 12, 2009

Reform and Remembrance

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As talk swirls about government reform up at the state Capitol, Espresso Pundit has some thoughts about how efforts to fix government often end up backfiring. We're reminded of what George Washington Plunkitt said about how reformers were only "morning glories":

The fact is that a reformer can't last in politics. He can make a show of it for a while, but he always come down like a rocket. Politics is as much a regular business as the grocery or the dry-goods business. You've got to be trained up to it you're sure to fail. Suppose a man who knew nothing about the grocery trade suddenly went into the business and tried to conduct it according to his own ideas? Wouldn't he make a mess of it? He might make a splurge for a while, as long as his money lasted, but his store would soon be empty. It's just the same with a reformer. He hasn't been brought up in the difficult business of politics and he makes a mess of it every time.

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