Friday, October 9, 2009

More Opposition to Public Safety First Initiative: Uhlich Urges "No" Vote on Prop 200

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City Councilwoman Karin Uhlich has joined the growing chorus of opponents to Prop 200. Uhlich's statement:

Proposition 200 is an emotional issue, prone to rhetoric. I have expressed my concerns with this measure and its potential impact on the general fund, but most importantly, I’ve stated what I firmly believe: I trust the voters to make good decisions when equipped with the full information.

In the past couple of weeks, the rhetoric around this issue has greatly intensified, and the proponents of Prop 200 have attempted to mislead the voters.

Because of this, it is important that I speak out more strongly: I have my ballot in hand, I will be voting this weekend, and I am voting No on Proposition 200.

Every voter, like me, needs to make a decision based on

the facts, not the rhetoric. I encourage all voters to learn more about public safety funding in Tucson, and the implications of Proposition 200, at

My opponent in this race has already sent a hit piece mailer to thousands of households trying to depict me as anti-public safety and our streets as crime-infested.

I take offense to his misrepresentation of my support for Police and Fire, and more importantly, to his implication that our dedicated Police and Fire Departments are not adequate to the task of keeping us safe. We have an excellent Police Department and an excellent Fire Department, and they keep us safe every day.

My opponent will attempt to paint me as anti-Public Safety again now, because of my position on Prop 200. I would like to remind him that the last thing Tucson needs in this economic environment, when people are already worried about their jobs and their ability to provide for their families, is a fear-mongering campaign aimed at making people afraid to walk outside their homes as well.

And I would like to remind the voters that over the past four years, Tucson has increased funding for public safety to the highest level it has ever been. Over the past four years, we’ve brought the TPD together with neighborhood associations and local businesses to target enforcement. Over the past four years, we’ve invested in crime prevention through strong and vibrant programs for youth and aid to struggling families. Over the past four years, we’ve tackled the meth problem head-on. Over the past four years, property crime in Tucson has gone down 7 percent and violent crime 20 percent.

I stand on my record.

This is a critical election, and people need to vote. Nobody should be under the illusion that your vote doesn’t matter. It absolutely does.

If you would like to receive your ballot in the mail, to ensure you have the time to vote this year, please call the County Recorder at 740-4330.

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