Thursday, September 24, 2009

Need Good Health Insurance? Run For State Office

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When I talked to Representative Matt Heinz last week for my story on Planned Parenthood of Arizona's lawsuit against the state, as a side note, I asked him about the health insurance you get when you happen to be a state representative. Well, the good doctor was kind enough to let me know he pays $44 a month for a very good plan.

"I get a fairly rich benefit package," Heinz told me.

While his contribution is $44 a month, taxpayers pay $496 a month for him to get what he also described as a Cadillac plan.

Getting back to the Legislature: Heinz says: "So you have a much largely wealthy older retired group of lawmakers that have pretty much not wanted for much in their life, making decisions for others in the state who are the most vulnerable in our community. They are making these decisions in a total vacuum."

So, if we take this insurance option away from them, would that help? Well, probably not.

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