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Squeal Like a Pig

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Bacon Chocolate Cake Is Not Good For You
  • Bacon Chocolate Cake Is Not Good For You

Articles like this little number on the Arizona Daily Star's Web site are strong evidence that Americans will not stop until every man, woman and child is morbidly obese or able to claim full blockage of at least one major artery. No big deal, though; it’s not like there’s an obesity epidemic plaguing our country or anything.

Not to belabor the issue, but I have to point out that the recipe for bacon pecan caramel ice cream balls at the end of the article tips the scales at 695 calories per serving, and 37 grams of fat. Nice.

If you’re reading this while preparing your “Obama’s Health Care Plan Is Gonna Kill My Grandma” placard for the next town hall meeting, think about making another one that says something akin to “Maybe We Wouldn’t Need to Be Worrying So Much About Healthcare If We’d Exercise and Stop Eating Bacon-Ice Cream Sundaes.” Fair is fair.

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