Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Put Up or Shut Up

Posted By on Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 5:16 PM

On one of the Sunday chat shows, Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl suggested that the United States just stop spending all the stimulus money and put it toward health care or deficit reduction.

That led to Obama administration officials asking Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer if she wanted to see the stimulus money go away.

And that, in turn, led to some outrage by Glenn Hamer of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, who says it's wrong to "bully" Arizona:

Regardless of how one feels about the stimulus funding, it is wrong for officials to play politics with the allocation of dollars for federal spending programs that Arizona citizens ultimately pay though our federal taxes (or perhaps more accurately, future taxes).

It is one thing to joust with Sen. Kyl over his position, but it is an entirely different matter for Cabinet secretaries to write letters to the Chief Executive of a state and threaten funding if support isn't provided. Once a law is passed, it needs to be fairly and impartially administered.

We don't disagree with Hamer's point about fairly administering the law. But no one from the Obama administration is suggesting that the law not be fairly administered. What they're doing is making a simple point: States want (and in many cases, need) the stimulus money to balance the budget. If we follow Kyl's advice, much of that money will go away. Let's see if Brewer thinks that's a good idea.

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