Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome Linda, Even If We're a Little Mad

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So we're the town that wants to remain Podunk, and as a consequence, we're really good at building some mighty fine inferiority complexes about our sunburned burg—one of which revolves around Tucson native Linda Ronstadt, who gave up the Down-and-Out Pueblo for the Bay Area.

And it seems we just can't forget about it—or at least my mom can't, at least this month as my family and I debated going to the Mariachi Festival to see Linda get her Mexican on. When could we ever see her at home again doing the mariachi gig? But she dissed us in The New York Timesarticle, remember?

But no, she didn't and she certainly didn't say she left Tucson because of a problem with social vampires. But judge for yourself:

In Tucson, where she grew up in a large musical family — the von Trapps with cactuses — she had hoped to give her children a life resembling her own, in which boys and girls rode ponies to the drugstore to buy a Coke. But that Tucson is long gone now. “People knew who my father was and who my grandfather was and whether they welshed on their deals,” she said. “That was very important to me. That’s very hard to establish now.”

So though she maintains a house in Tucson, she moved with the children back to her old neighborhood here in San Francisco, a place with sidewalks where she had lived during much of the ’80s. She keeps her recent Alma Award from the National Council of La Raza in the living room and her Grammys in the basement.

I doubt she can ride ponies to get Cokes in her new digs, but no matter; we're going tonight for the 2009 Espectacular Concert where Linda Ronstadt is the very special guest performer. Tickets are on sale and cost $48-$88. Go to the TCC Ticket Office. (No surcharge!) Don't forget your gritas. And enjoy the video above—the era when Linda was all about bringing Mexi back. And look—Paul Rodriguez, and that amazing time when Mexican-Americans were once on TV.

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