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Gannett Cuts in Tucson: Update

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Here's what we're hearing about the cuts--part of a 10 percent cut nationwide--that Gannett is making in Tucson. Note that these are ALL UNCONFIRMED, but they come from a pretty good source:

City desk: Blake Morlock is gone.

Dina Doolen (food and drink editor) took buyout

Some employees (maybe four or five) having hours lessened by five hours a week, from 40 to 35 ...

Keep in mind the cuts referenced here have to do with the Citizen newsroom, NOT the behind-the-scenes folks at Tucson Newspapers (salespeople, print sales reps, etc.). It's possible the bulk of Gannett's Tucson cuts will come from behind the scenes.

Also, we're getting word that the Phoenix New Times list linked to below about cuts in Phoenix may have some inaccuracies. More as we know more ... and if you know something, comment or drop me a line.

In the meantime, check this post from GannettBlog which reveals profit margins--again, the Weekly has not confirmed these numbers--from the first three quarters of 2007 at Gannett's various properties. Keep in mind that advertising has pretty much tanked in many markets--Tucson included--in the year since these numbers were around (using the Weekly as an ad-decline example, we were 88 pages last year at this time, whereas we're 64-68 now) but, good lord, these profit margins are huge. And at this time last year, the Star--Gannett's partner in Tucson Newspapers--was making cuts, lots of them.

This is a horrendous day for journalism, folks.

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