Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe Schmoe

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So news this AM is that Joe The Plumber makes $40,000 a year, his boss doesn't plan on selling his business anytime soon and owes back takes of $1,200 (which doesn't really freak me out considering how many millions in tax breaks we gives the corporates each year - yes bailout).

But I just keep going back to his meet-up with Obama and his complaint that he'll make $250,000 and can't buy the business. I now know of three departments in Pima County in which people have been told they may lose their jobs. The Community Food Bank is reporting a 35 percent increase in users.

In this climate if your biggest problem is that you can't buy a business because of taxes because you're making $250,000 a year, I want to know what economic reality McCain lives under?

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