Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gov. Palin, I Knew Dan Quayle and You're No ...

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The vice presidential debates are always far more entertaining than the presidential pretend battles. Remember when Bentsen kicked Quayle's ass. Now days, he'd be a good VP to ask, "What does a vice president do?"

But Biden/Palin was a jewel. Oy, Biden is getting old, and Palin looked hot. But I'm not so sure if hot and folksy really go together.

Really: It's crazy that we focus on how she performs, wondering whether she's going to fuck up. This debate was entertaining, because it wasn't about the issues; instead, it was carnival freak show--the winking to the camera, the shucks, and "Say It Ain't So Joe," c'mon.

Is the base really that stupid?

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