Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roads Into Saguaro Ranch Remain Open

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Despite what the morning daily reported in late August, the public still has access rights to a road that goes through the luxury Saguaro Ranch development in the Tortolita Mountains. The dirt road is an extension of Thornydale Road that goes up a hill and is legally recorded as a public easement by the county. Neighbors have used the road for hikes and horse-riding for more than 40 years. (See “Tortolita Showdown,” Currents, May 22.)

While Judge John Davis did not grant a temporary injunction requiring Saguaro Ranch developer Stephen Phinny to remove the boulders he’s placed in front of the Thornydale extension, he also did not issue a judgment that denies residents and the public from walking on those roads.

This was good news for residents near Saguaro Ranch who’ve been bickering with Phinny over the last few years regarding access to that road. Phinny has told neighbors that the roads that run through his development are private, and he placed boulders at the entrances to keep people out.

Phinny’s neighbors, however, are still waiting for Davis to schedule a hearing in order to make a final decision through a declaratory judgment lawsuit they filed in June. A declaratory judgment is the only way to determine whether the road remains a public easement.

Saguaro Ranch neighbors have been getting the word out through a recently produced YouTube video (www.youtube.com/TortolitaEasements) with suggestions on how to ignore the boulders that Phinny placed at the road entrances, and tips on how to enjoy the Tortolita Mountains. The basic message: You won’t get arrested—even if Phinny or Saguaro Ranch employees say you will!

Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain's Never Looked Better

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Photographer Jill Greenberg is facing death threats and some heavy-handed criticism for some photos she doctored of pictures she took of McCain and posted on her Website. Greenberg was hired by The Atlantic Monthly to photograph him for an October 2008 cover, but because she retains the copyright to all her photographs, it didn't take her long to show how she really feels about the presidential candidate. While the photos are no longer on her Web site, they are on artnet.

The images are fantastic photoshop work of McCain with bloody fangs and even one with a monkey pooping on McCain's head. Greenberg lost her agent over the mess, and some in blog-land are questioning if this is freedom of speech.

I think the photos are amazing and get to the heart of what most of us are thinking when we watch the guy suspend his campaign and head off to solve our fucking problems. Maybe when he's done with the financial crisis, he'll come back home to tackle the water issue.

Revealed: McCain's Voicemail to Palin!

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This is one of the funniest things I've heard in a while.

Not Everyone in Alaska Loves Her

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Someone e-mailed pictures to me of a anti-Sarah Palin rally held in Anchorage on Sept. 13, the same day others in Anchorage held a Welcome Back Sarah Rally. Evidently, there were more at the anti-Sarah rally than the other. Then I found this interesting blog at laurainak.blogspot.com that has some interesting insights from a woman living and working in Alaska and more on the rally.

"The ‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ rally was held in the lawn of a downtown Anchorage library, shortly after Palin gave a speech in an Anchorage convention center. Hundreds of people participated in the rally, dwarfing a ‘Welcome Home Palin’ rally held the same day and reportedly making it the biggest protest rally in Alaska state history.


The rally was planned over coffee by a small group of women who initially thought that as few as ten people would show up. (They were happily surprised at the turnout — more than 1400 people attended, not including 90 counter demonstrators.) Attendees carried signs such as ‘’The Alaska Disasta,'’ ‘’Real Women Vote On The Issues, Not The Gender'’ ‘’Pro Woman, Anti-Palin,'’ and ‘’What About Healthcare?'’"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palien Alien

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Some people believe there already exists an alien race on this planet, consisting of people who actually look like lizard people. Although we regular humans can't tell. Instead we just see our boss, the nice but sometimes grumpy neighbor, or that odd kid who makes your dog bark more than usual when he passes the house.

These T-shirts are $15 from Print Liberation. Maybe they happen to know something about Sarah Palin that we just can't see.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy BOT!

Posted By on Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 4:28 PM

The new issue--which includes a little something we call the Best of Tucson(TM)--is online and ready for y'all.

Feel free to comment on its contents here. And here's a Savage Love online extra!

Read the original column here.

I think you were hard on the lady whose first response was, “What?!?” when her date suggested testicular sex. As things go, “What?!?” is a pretty tame response that might also have meant: What are you talking about! I am surprised and confused!

I’m saying it’s pretty difficult, in a clutch situation, to have the first thing you say not be “What?!?”

If it was the guy writing, you would have berated him for giving up so easily--as well you should have! Imagine if everyone on Earth gave up so easily! We would all be having heterosexual missionary sex without birth control.


I think you might have been too hard on the girl who said, “What?!?” when the guy asked her if he could insert his testicles into her. My reaction would have been, “What?!?” too, not because I think it’s a shameful act or that it’s shameful to be kinky or because I think it’s a terrible thing, but because I’d be genuinely shocked that somebody had found a kink that I’d never even heard of.

Hearing you speak so casually about it, as if everyone’s doing it, makes me think I’m more vanilla than I thought. But I hang around a lot of kinky people and have not heard of this. I guess I’d just like to say (a) this ball-insertion thing isn’t exactly sweeping the nation the way your reply to her might have suggested, and (b) “What?!?” doesn’t always translate as, “You should be ashamed/I’m not interested.” Often it just indicates surprise, after which there might be a discussion. But guys, in my experience, seem to have a harder time talking about their feelings.

Women shouldn’t be expected to control a natural surprise reaction to an unusual kink in the middle of sex. Communicate, men! If he’d communicated with her—if he’d explained what he was interested in doing—and then she’d said, “You’re a sick, kinky freak,” then I’d say it’s her loss. Right now, I’d say no one’s to blame but missed communication.

Longtime Reader

Big fan and so on. That said: Why the hell did you go off on that poor woman so severely? Yes, you’re right--it would be good to be 100 percent accepting and tolerant and totally up for everything all of the time. But in what universe is that completely possible? It’s ideal, but it hardly seems like the person writing in was downright “sex-negative.”

She could’ve responded better, sure. But it’s hardly the most egregious offense you’ve responded to lately. Being spontaneously unnerved doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with trying to assert moral superiority or exacting sexual/emotional leverage or any other thing. I don’t know if other readers will find this kind of dressing-down a little over the top, but it seems like a reaction to something other than the e-mail as written (or at least as published).

Puzzled In Brooklyn

Don’t you think you were overly rude and condescending to Reconsidering In Toronto? If she was genuinely surprised by her partner’s request, I don’t think it is “establishing her moral superiority” to exclaim, “What?!?” Yes, everyone should be open-minded and sexually adventurous, but can’t a person just be simply surprised and taken off-guard, instead of the reaction having to be part of some social power dynamic? Lighten up.

Reader And Fan

I read your answer to RIT this week about the dick-shriveling power of, “What?!?” in response to a request.

My comfort zone has recently increased with the help of a more widely experienced friend. I think I react well to new suggestions, but sometimes I need some time to consider what has been proposed. So I just say I need to think about it instead of yes or no, so far always followed by yes. Maybe this is a good practice, maybe it just works in the situation I’m in currently? Can you give some general advice about how to react to new suggestions that may make you scared, curious and excited all at the same time?

Learning Exciting New Things

Dan responds: They all can’t be gems, people. And how many times have I mentioned the fact that I frequently write this column in an impaired state, i.e., in a bar, drunk and/or stoned? Many, many times. That doesn’t excuse botching my response to RIT--it only, you know, provides some context. Thanks to all for setting the record--and me--straight.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The State of the Newspaper Biz

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A friend sent this to me (after someone sent it to him) with the comment: "As the person who sent this to me remarked: that picture is a perfect metaphor for the crippled newspaper business."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If You, Like This Issue, Were Born on Sept. 18, It Would (Almost) Be Your Birthday

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The new issue is here, online and ready for your perusal. Feel free to comment on its contents here!

As for extras ... the Mexican is on what could become a permanent YouTube strike, and Dan's too busy being a pundit to do any Savage Love extras as of late.

Thus, all I can offer you is our love and appreciation ... which isn't an extra at all, as it's always offered.

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World Flute Concert

World flute virtuosos Gary Stroutsos and Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos come together for an evening of meditative soundscapes… More

@ San Pedro Chapel Fri., Jan. 31, 7-9 p.m. 5230 E. Fort Lowell Road.

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