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Ben 10, Anyone?

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Our son's first obsession was dinosaurs. By the age of 4, he had memorized a variety of species, and knew enough to ask us why the T-Rex was the bad guy in Jurassic Park (the T-Rex wasn't around during the Jurassic period).

 The next obsession was Pokémon and more figures and creatures to memorize. 

Dinosaurs and Pokémon remain important interests in his life (and ours by default), but last year, he stumbled on Ben 10, a TV show on the Cartoon Network. I was told I need to tell you about it, because this Friday is the premiere of a new season--Ben 10 Alien Force

I must confess that as my son gets involved in different things, I do, too. Dinos are cool, I tell you! I've spent road trips going to dino exhibits at science centers up and down the West Coast.

And Pokémon grows on you. While odd at times, it has some good values to pass along--those Pokémon are kind of cute and all. 

Ben 10, however, really appeals to my inner sci-fi geek. It's about this 8-year-old kid, Ben, who goes on a summer road trip with his grandfather (in a live action movie they did last year, Grandpa Max was played by Lee Majors!) and his first cousin, Gwen. Ben takes a walk in the woods only to find this odd wrist band that gets on his wrist--and can never come off. It allows him to transform into 10 different aliens, help people and have adventures that last all summer. 

Summer as depicted on TV can only last so long. Ben 10 Alien Force gives us a Ben that is a little older and wiser, and a new group of 10 additional aliens (and a new series of alien action figures, sold at store near you!). His cousin Gwen is there doing her cool magic thing, and of course, that old loveable and adventurous alien-fighting Grandpa Max is back, too. 

I hope they keep the current theme song that I swear sounds like Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s, who now seems to make a living as a reoccurring Wiccan band-member character in new Scooby-Doo movies and sings those songs that still show the gang running back and forth from the mean-old-guy-turned-monster. 

I leave you with one more recommendation--the new Ben 10 game Forever Defense. My son has a couple of game tips, but you can figure it out for yourself.

And watch, Ben 10 Alien Force on Friday, April 18.

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