Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Absolut Deserves the Evil Eye, but Viva La Pledge of Allegance!

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I'm a Grey Goose woman, but if I drank Absolut, I'd be taking those bottles out of the freezer and throwing them out in the street joining others in a vodka boycott. 

I'd boycott Absolut not because they ran an ad in Mexico showing a historical map depicting the southernmost part of the United States as part of Mexico. Folks are up in arms, and Absolut took the advertising down and issued an apology.

Ridiculous. Forget it Absolut: I'm sticking with the Goose because you didn't have the guts to ignore some vocal assholes eager to kick up dust shouting the usual, "Raza! Raza! They're coming! They're coming!" 

In the same vein, my love and admiration--yes Mr. Warden and friends--my love and admiration goes out to the TUSD teacher at Gale Elementary School for teaching her students how to do the Pledge of Allegiance in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. 

Lance Altherr, whose son is in the class, demanded that the practice stop. When the teacher and principal said no, his son switched classes; meanwhile, an e-mail campaign began directed toward TUSD. Altherr is a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. 

When did we get to be so small-minded in this country and in Arizona? Our cover story this week is by Tim Hull, about his travels throughout the state and the interesting people he met. One character sells used books in Quartz, usually only attired in a sweater--his ass cheeks greeting the world. He told Tim that folks in Arizona were open-minded to people a little different.


Maybe its people who've been here longer than Altherr and Arizona Superintendent Tom Horne who are more excepting. Love of country has nothing to do with any of this, and I just they would all own up to that fact. Why is it I can love my country, but not give a rat's ass that Absolut ad campaign? Why is it I can love my country, but not give a rat's ass about poor Altherr's son having to stretch his brain a bit with different languages reciting something he's very familiar with? 


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