Friday, February 29, 2008

De Purfict Wumon

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Evidently, there's a Tucson woman in our midst who is in her 30s--and she's sick of people asking her why she remains single.

She also happens to be an art student working on her master's. Her thesis project: The Perfect Women. Delia W. Oman (not her real name for security reasons) set up a blog and accepted submissions from people re: what they think is the perfect woman. The writer of the winning submission will get to fly to Tucson and go on a series of dates with Oman that she will film and run live on her blog.

She recently anounced the winner, and today Oman, begins to create the winner's version of the perfect woman--which includes the possibility of filling in the gap between her two front teeth. (All this time I always looked at model Lauren Hutton as a beautiful example of why gap teeth are sexy. Have I been wrong this whole time. Are only straight teeth appropriate for the Perfect Woman?)

These are the items she will consider working on, but will formally decide by Monday and is looking for input from the public:


Things I definitely plan to change:

1. workout daily - I plan to do running, weightlifting and yoga

2. lose 4 lbs.

3. get my hair done like Jennifer Aniston

Which hair cut should I get?

You can post a comment here to say which one is better.

4. get the gap in my front teeth fixed (probably something temporary)

5. wear light makeup

6. work on a tan

7. buy some new bras that show my breasts off more (maybe pushup bras)

8. work on not being bossy (try to be aware when I am and change my behavior)

9. before I assert myself question my beliefs (trying not to think I’m right all the time)

10. send out my birthday gifts and cards on time! get things fixed around the house (there are two lights out in the kitchen right now…)

11. try some video games and find a couple I really like

12. go to the movies more often

13. be more hard lined about illegal activities (however, I want to make sure this doesn’t conflict with “nonjudgmental”)

14. stop having drinks with friends (can still go out but just stick to water? or should I stop going anywhere where they serve alcohol?)

15. write to Alan and get to know him so I can try to love him (don’t know how much control I have over love)

Things I may change:

1. join a sport

2. get collagen for my lips (it’s temporary, 3 months, but I’m not sure it will help me have a “nice face”)

3. stop calling and writing my dear friend so I’m not a cyberspace cheater (the only problem is that this is a little in conflict with “stands up for and defends the ones she cares about” and “responsible”… maybe I can do it in a responsible way)

Things I’m reluctant to change, but willing to consider:

1. get botox (really this just grosses me out)

2. get a nose job (the women he mentioned all have distinctive noses, so I think mine is fine)

3. try a cigar (I think this was just an option not a suggestion)

KGUN 9 ran a story on her project and did an interview with her. She seems smart, is not bad-looking, and the gap in her front teeth is cool.

In May, Oman makes her transformation. She may want to consider protecting the winner's identity during the dates, just in case he ends up being a goofball who thinks the gap must go. His dating life probably sucks anyway, but that dating life could certainly be nonexistent at the end of the Perfect Woman Project.

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