Monday, February 4, 2008

Why Does the Tucson Citizen Editorial Board Hate Democracy So Much?

Posted By on Mon, Feb 4, 2008 at 2:51 PM

The Tucson Citizen editorial board says we've been baaaadddd. OK, they didn't mention us by name, but they said they were most certainly not amused by Project White House. From the Citizen editorial:

Among the 24 Republicans and 24 Democrats on the ballot are 14 people you likely haven't heard of. It's part of a misguided promotional stunt to show how easy it is to run for president in Arizona.

Yes, it is relatively easy to become a presidential candidate.

Thus on Tuesday, voters will have to plow through a ballot more cluttered than it ought to be.

Before going to the polls, voters are advised to look over sample ballots that they received in the mail or otherwise review the long list of names they will encounter.

Misguided? Snap! Now that stings. And we can only imagine how hard it will be for Citizen readers to "plow through" that "cluttered" ballot. Yikes! Why, we'll bet that a lot of 'em will just give up looking for Hillary and vote for Sandy Whitehouse.

Incidentally, we're not quite sure how the Citizen gang does math, but only "14 people you likely haven't heard of"? Given that there are 48 names on the ballot, guess that means they figure that people have heard of 34 of the candidates. We'd sure like to see that list. Perhaps Doctress Neutopia has more name recognition that we realized.

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