Friday, December 21, 2007

Project White House: Open Invitation

Posted By on Fri, Dec 21, 2007 at 4:44 PM

As we noted a few days ago, we've opened Project White House up to anyone on Arizona's Feb. 5 presidential primary ballot. Just so none of the "big-time" candidates can say they didn't know about our Reality Journalism contest, we sent the following letter to all of them yesterday.

Dec. 20, 2007

Dear Presidential Candidate,

It has come to our attention that your name appears on the Feb. 5 primary ballot in Arizona. We are writing to give you a final chance to participate in Project White House, a Reality Journalism program sponsored by the Tucson Weekly.

In Project White House, presidential candidates will compete in a variety of campaign challenges, with the grand prize being the Tucson Weekly’s endorsement.

To date, half the candidates on Arizona’s Democratic ballot have signed on with Project White House, as have more than one-third of the Republicans. We would be delighted if you or a representative of your campaign would be able to join the competition.

More information about Project White House can be found at

Please feel free to contract me with any questions at or 520 490 9742.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jim Nintzel

Senior Writer

Tucson Weekly

Now we'll see who has the guts to sign up!

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