Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Razor's Edge

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I should have talked about Battlestar Galactica: Razor last week, after it aired on Sci-Fi, but hey: The DVD just came out yesterday, so it's still timely. Right?

BSG: Razor was a big event on my Thanksgiving weekend. Former TW staff writer and Viper pit member Saxon Burns--who is now seeking his fortune in sunny Los Angeles--was back in town for the holiday and stopped by for the screening, as did Dave Maass, another former TW contributor who is now working for the Santa Fe Reporter.

We all agreed: This was a return to top form for Galactica.

The story was undeniably multi-layered, with flashbacks within flashbacks, so if you hadn't seen Seasons 1 and 2 of BSG, you were probably a little lost. I don't want to go all geek squad and get into how cool it was to see Admiral Cain deal with the original Cylon attack and its aftermath, or the depth of the characterizations or even how cool the Cylon lesbatron kiss was. So I'll just say that it really captured the excitement of the first two seasons of BSG, which got a little lost somewhere along the line in Season 3, when the Cylons got religion, and the show lost a big chunk of its dramatic tension. Oh, and those special effects looked really sweet on my relatively new 48-inch Sony.

Plus, there was a love letter to the original series with those old-school Cylons.

In short: Loved it.

Maass has more on it here.

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