Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Than Mariachi

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Sooner or later, the next Tucson Weekly Club Crawl(TM) will welcome spring. I think its nicey-nice the fall event had a tejano music stage, and should continue in that tradition. May I suggest a couple of alternatives, however, for those who enjoy other Latin music?

First, let me say that mariachi, tejano and ranchero are wonderful genres that always get me longing for the young Vicente Fernandez to ride up on a silver and black leather-saddled horse and rescue me while all those horns, guitarrons, chicken scratch rhythms and accordions play in the background. A girl has to have a fantasy, but knowing it's just not going to happen, I've moved on to other rhythms. 

Enter my latest music obsession that has nothing to do with Vicente, but is still Latin nonetheless: Javier Garcia. Garcia was born in Spain from an Irish mother and Cuban father. Lucky for us he learned the guitar and moved to Miami as a youngster. Check out Javi, as I will now call him, singing "Me Gustaria," "Tranquilla" and "La Rumba." 

Now, if you like how Javi makes your hips feel, but think he's just too darn positive and happy, check out the next group I'm listening to right now: Sergent Garcia via France. The first Sergent Garcia CD I bought was Un Poquito Quema'o in 2000. My favorite song on the album is "Camino De La Vida." They don't have it on YouTube, but check out "Jumpi." Like Javier Garcia, the band's sound is Cuban-influenced, as well as flavored by hip hop. It's also highly political in many a good way that little Javi isn't. Radio Chango gets to the point about Sergent Garcia on their Web site. I just bought La Semilla Escondida and another CD, Sin Fronteras.  

Sergent Garcia is no Javier Garcia, and will not rescue me like a Vicente Fernandez fantasy, but I figure putting both Garcias in my CD changer may rescue my hips and, lately, my soul.

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