Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello and Jagshemash

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You might be interested in knowing that today, the country Kazakhstan is celebrating 17 years of sovereignty.

I wouldn’t even mention this--considering we sit here in Tucson thousands of miles away from this country that stretches over Eurasia—-except for one thing: Many of you scurried to the theater as I did last year to watch the Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

This movie was exciting for me, because it was banned in the country I grew up in, Saudi Arabia, as well as all of the other Arab nations (except Lebanon, because Lebanon is awesome). I couldn’t wait to watch the mockumentary in which actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (sorry, I mean Borat Sagdiyev) traveled around the United States making fun of fraternity brothers, governors of the South, cowboys at the rodeo, an Evangelical church full of people speaking in tongue and some surfer dudes who he had screaming while they jumped off of a bus repeatedly. (That scene was phenomenal!)

Don’t think that I am hating on America (though it is healthy to laugh at what we have come to represent). Hell, the United States gives me an education, doesn’t make me cover my face (and the rest of my body) and offers me a great opportunities as a female. In the country I grew up in, Cohen could have have been beheaded.

However, it’s quite a tragedy the only thing we know about Kazakhstan is that this funny-looking guy named Borat is from there.

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