Wednesday, September 19, 2007

With Friends Like These...

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Political gadfly John Kromko's Tucson Water Users' Bill of Rights--which would repeal the trash fee, ban the home delivery of treated and recharged effluent and cap Tucson Water's annual distribution at 140,000 acre-feet unless voters agreed to expand it--has plenty of opponents, but the initiative has picked up one supporter this week.

Roy "Hairy Breasts" Warden--the wackjob who threatens to "blow the freaking head off of anyone" who enters his "defensive perimeter" when he's setting Mexican flags ablaze--has declared his support for Prop 200, which voters will decide in November. Why? Well, it will slow down illegal immigration, of course:

It’s really very simple: All the “Rich, Fat-Cat Bastards” who’ve been making a fortune off illegals for the past 30 years, and “The Red Star”, oppose Proposition 200. And that’s all I really need to know.

Remember: the vast majority of Mexican Illegal Aliens who have filled up Pima County, and jails across America, didn’t just come here by accident. They were invited here by express policies set forth by the Pima County Board of Supervisors, The Tucson City Council, and local developers like Del Webb, Pulte Homes, Robeson Homes, etc., some 30 years ago.

They did it for money. They did it to get rich. And the best way to get rid of illegals is to:

I. Help Chris Simcox Put Up The Fence

II. Help qualify for the state ballot, and pass next year, the Simcox/Pearce initiatives LAW and SOLE.

III. Help John Kromko pass the new Proposition 200 in November.

IV. Help me go after the “Fat Cat Bastards” and the Pima County power structure that Sold out America, for profit.

But Roy: If we cut off the water supply, we won't be able to extinguish all the burning Mexican flags!

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