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To no one's great surprise, Democrats Regina Romero and Rodney Glassman handily won their respective primaries Tuesday.

In the race to replace retiring Councilpunk Jose Ibarra in westside Ward 1, Romero crushed Ken Green, winning 80 percent of the vote. There's no Republican, but Green candidate Beryl Baker did land enough write-in votes to make the general-election ballot, so we'll be hearing more about the 10 Key Values between now and Election Day.

In Ward 2, where Councilwoman Carol West is retiring, Glassman beat Robert Reus with more than 83 percent of the vote. That sets up a battle between Glassman and Republican Lori Oien in November.

Since no Democrat challenged Mayor Bob Walkup, he'll face no opposition in his run for re-election, other than longshot Green Dave Croteau.

The other race in the general election will pit incumbent Councilwoman Shirley Scott against GOP challenger Dan Spahr.

Although Democrats enjoy an overwhelming voter-registration edge in the city and Republicans are hardly ascendant in the political zeitgeist, both Oien and Spahr are taking heart in the fact that they had respectable voter support within their wards, even though they faced no opposition.

While some votes remain to be counted, it's clear that most voters just didn't care about Tuesday's primary. In Ward 1, turnout among Democrats was about 18 percent; Romero got about 3,000 votes; Green got roughly 700. In Ward 2, about one in four Democrats voted. Glassman got about 3,900 votes; Reus got about 750.

Thanks to a push from the City Clerk's Office, the city set a new record in early voting. In Ward 1, about three out of four Democrats voted early; in Ward 2, about 79 percent cast early ballots, with only one in five going to the polls on Election Day. (Tom Danehy is not going to like that at all!)

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