Friday, September 7, 2007

Shut Up and Tell Us More

Posted By on Fri, Sep 7, 2007 at 12:57 PM

Over at Michael Bryan's Blog for Arizona and Ted Prezelski's Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, they're pointing out that state Rep. Russell Pearce has set up a Web site for his exploratory run for Congress, while state Sen. Tim Bee has merely promised that one is coming soon.

It's curious that Democratic blogs are now complaining that Bee isn't doing enough to talk about his campaign, since last week, the Arizona Democratic Party accused Bee of skirting Arizona's resign-to-run law in part because he gave a brief non-answer to a reporter's question about Iraq.

Prezelski sticks with mocking Bee for not having a Web site set up, but Bryan goes further, hammering Bee for knowing "the primary voters in his district aren't going to get a choice. Thus, he can keep them in dark, treat them with contempt, and get away with it."

Given that the election is still more than a year away, we'd call that a radical interpretation of the text. Bee has plenty of time to set up a Web site and roll out his positions. Although it remains to be seen how much of that Bee will do, it seems a bit impatient of Bryan at this point.

And, as Bryan notes, Pearce is dealing with a much different dynamic: He's thinking about taking on incumbent Congressman Jeff Flake, while Bee won't likely deal with a primary challenge. Of course he's going to approach the race differently.

But our biggest question: Why in the world would any Democrat hold out Russell Pearce as an example of how politics should be done?

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