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HP Doesn't Know Rom from Writer

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I needed a new computer but didn't want a Dell, because I've heard they're hell, so I opted to get an HP computer. I've had an HP laserjet printer for more than 15 years. I also had a family & friends discount.

I made a mistake!

My computer (a desktop model) was only out of the box for four days when the damn DVD writer stopped working. It won't close. My computer guy (from Data Age) was helping me—as I am technologically challenged—so he called HP and was on hold for 54 minutes. He talked to several people in different countries and finally was able to order a part.

HP sent the wrong part! They sent the DVD-rom, not the DVD writer.

Today, I called again with my case number in hand, and I waited in a queue that went around the world and back. Everyone I spoke to said that they were not the right person, and they forwarded me on to another person who wasn't the right person either.

You would think that HP could route the call properly after hearing what the problem was. Obviously not!

Finally, the last guy said that I would have to call back (English was barely his second language) as the wait time was too high. At this point, I had been waiting for 43 minutes. I demanded that I get put in the queue—and then got disconnected.

Then I went into chat mode online and gave them my case number; the guy said he would be back in 5 minutes. Before I could cut and paste the chat, he left the chat room saying that a case manager would contact me in 48 hours. Not even a goodbye, just a disappearing act.

You just cannot imagine how furious I am! If I didn't have my entire work life and a zillion documents loaded onto this piece of shit, I would throw it off a cliff. But not before hammering the damn daylights out of it.

I will see if someone contacts me, but I rather doubt it.

Meanwhile, I received a survey from Harris wanting to know about my experience with HP. I gave them a grand total of zero for unbelievably unsatisfactory. At the end of the survey, I was able to get in my case number and request someone contact me.

I'm not holding my breath.

Their Web site says that HP has award-winning service and offers 24/7 Web and phone support. Who writes this crap?

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