Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Central Bistro Chutzpah

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There's an article in today's Star about how Central Bistro at the Historic Depot is asking the city to continue subsidizing the restaurant by paying for 18 more months of rent and granting/loaning the restaurant $100,000.

Say what?

In the current Noshing column, I posed a question to the city, asking them why they made such a deal with unknowns like the Economus? True, they may have chefs' experience, but they did not have a restaurant following.

Did the Economus ever have to give the city a marketing or business plan, and if so, was it ever followed up on to make sure things were progressing or were they just handed everything on a proverbial platter without any follow up? Is this latest development any surprise to anyone? Among fellow restaurant writers, it's no surprise.

I'd also like to know if other restaurateurs were offered to likewise bid on the space or privy to such privileged subsidies. It seems to me that once again the city created this problem.

Prior to this mess downtown, were the Economus turning a profit or packing them in for lunch, dinner and special events?

The gravy train--hopefully--has come to the end of the line for this venture.

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