Monday, July 2, 2007

Our Commitment to Cool Stops at the Earring

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If you're not familiar with "The Cool Church," (aka Tucson Community Church) you're missing out on the freshest approach to spirituality in town, a "this-ain't-your-father's-ministry"-type experience unparalleled in this elevated valley of ours.

Pastor Dave McAllister (that is one cool dude!) is all about rocking for God, using movie clips and props to drive home his Christian message, all while wearing sneakers, an earring, and sporting spiky blond hair! Plus he and his band of grownup Bart Simpsons have put out four cd's of Christian rock! If that's not cool, I don't know what is!

Oh, wait -- this isn't cool -- the Arizona Daily Star reports today that McAllister has some nasty things about homosexuals on The Cool Church's website! Doesn't he know that queers are way cooler than breeders? Sheesh, it's like the second or third rule of cool, right up there with black people being cooler than white people, because, like, duh.

Anyway, for a "cool" guy, McAllister is deeply fucking uncool. Among the misdeeds of the gay community that he "documents":

  • Homosexual sex activists continually try and deceive the general population by telling them that the Bible doesn't condemn homosexuality
  • Contrary to what homosexual sex activists have tried to convince us, there is no medical or scientific evidence that people are born homosexual; it is a choice of sexual behavior
  • In light of the total farce of what they call “gay marriage,” studies show that less than 2% of practicing homosexuals could be referred to as being in a monogamous relationship.

...and the list goes on from there. Dude is obsessed with the big faggy boogeyman and his activist homosexual agenda.

Over at Wingspan, they have yet to post the recent newsletter wherein they object to all The Cool Church's nonsense, but the Star interviewed Wingspan president Laura Olguin and program director Cathy Busha for the piece. Olguin's succinct summary of TCC's abuse of "cool": "Scratch the surface of their clever rhetoric about being hip, welcoming and intellectually curious, and a stream of anti-gay rhetoric spews forth."

Indeed. Such attitudes are distressingly prevalent for a so-called modern society, and it's good that there are organizations like Wingspan to call them out when they are found.

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