Monday, June 11, 2007


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So The Sopranos went out last night, not with a bang, nor even a whimper, but simply mid-sentence. It encapsulated my frustrations with the series for several seasons now: The lack of resolution to so many storylines.

I understand that's what David Chase was going for; I think he said—or maybe it was one of the writers for the show—that real life doesn't get wrapped up in a neat bow at the end of the day, or something along those lines. True dat, but while it reflects the chaos of our cruel world, I don't find it to be a particularly effective narrative structure.

Plus, I really wanted to see that evil bastard Paulie Walnuts get whacked, preferably in a painful fashion.

That said, I can't deny that it was a tremendously entertaining show, although I think it lost steam after the first couple of seasons, which I still think were brilliant.

Looking forward to the return of Big Love tonight.

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