Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rasmussen Surveys Arizona

Posted By on Tue, Jun 5, 2007 at 2:27 PM

Rasmussen Reports released a survey exploring how Arizona voters feel about the Kennedy-Kyl immigration plan today.

The numbers are pretty close to a Rasmussen nationwide survey released last week. Just 24 percent of Arizona voters support the bill’s passage, while half of them are opposed. More than three-fourths of those surveyed said it was “very important” to secure the border and 42 percent worry that the Senate plan will actually increase illegal immigration.

Sen. Jon Kyl has taken a hit for his support of the plan. While his 55 percent favorability rating is in line with his numbers before the 2006 election, he’s suffered a 10 percent drop—from 36 to 26 percent—among voters who view him “very favorably.”

The news is worse for Sen. John McCain, who is now viewed favorably by just 48 percent of Arizonans and unfavorably by 51 percent.

Rasmussen also notes that McCain has fallen to fourth place in the GOP presidential race since the immigration debate began. McCain, with the support of 14 percent of Republican voters nationwide, trails Rudy Giuliani (23 percent), newcomer Fred Thompson (17 percent) and Mitt Romney (15 percent).

More on the poll in this week's Skinny, available online in just 24 hours or so!

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