Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Like a Moth to Flame

Posted By on Wed, May 9, 2007 at 9:37 AM

I joined a really cool Facebook group today. It's called "IF U STOP FRONTIN, WE CAN PROCEED WITH THE PRECEEDINGS.."

Its creator, a guy named Ernest, explained the group's purpose thusly: "THIS PAGE IS FOR ALL MALE/FEMALE WHO WANT TO TOUCH, AND FEEL, AND BASICALLY GET IT IN WITH NO BULLSHIT.............. YOUR IN THE RIGHT PLACE...."

Ermest started a fascinating conversation on the group's bulletin board: "WHY WE AS MALES GOTTA GUESS WHEATHER YALL WOMEN GONNA GIVE IT TO US OR NOT. YALL KNOW WITHIN THE FIRST 5MIN OF OUR INITAL CONTACT WEATHER U WOULD LET ME TAP THAT ASS OR NOT..." He makes some really good arguments, doesn't he?

He also posted a news update: "IM STARTING MY OWN SITE FOR ALL WHO WANNA FEEL THAT CERTAIN SOMEONE, BUT CANT KNOW DOWN THAT DEFENSE.." I can't wait to point my browser toward it!

And he had this to say on the group's "wall": "Is a site for all of ur disire's to come true,just with out and strings attached.. may that be giving up some blood(#ick) for males, or givin up that kiddy cat u can do so a adult manner.. therefor we discuss topics on surrounding subjects..(SITE WILL BE UPGRADED SOON,BUST RIGHT NOW THO..)"

I don't know why, but this group really speaks to me. It's compelling.

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