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How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Some people know just how to pitch a story. Check out this e-mail from a loyal reader:

Every once in awhile I flair up about the shitty deal I've gotten from you people and so I fume and fuss and cuss around here for a few days and then it subsides. The other night though I turned on KUAT and I paid no attention at first to the names on the plaques and was just listening to the conversation, and since I was engrossed in some other work, I really didn't pay that much attention to it. I know it was talk about the community and more than likely was some discussion about helping the community.

THEN, I zeroed in on your name and I was just over come with anger and contempt that you would be allowed to say a damn thing about this community which you care nothing about and my suggestion would be to keep your fucking mouth shut until you do come to a point where you can look at any given situation with a fair and unbiased point of view.

Once again, and I'm told this story over and over, I just will condense it this time. To think that I tried to help a young Mexican who was doing heroin and so strung out he was selling his kids toys to get a fix. I went to REDACTED when it was evident that I just could no longer help Steve or his family, but I was turned down and refused help. Probably not good, but I couldn't help calling the "Dean Of Men" a lying son of a bitch, IF that is, he called himself a Christian, and IF, that organization truly was there to help people. Just yesterday that scenario began to run through my mind that our sorry bastards that claim to serve and protect would write me up for Trespassing when that damn place has signs on the road encouraging people to come in for a free car wash, at which time of course they hit you up for a donation. I was also charge with threats and intimidation, and nothing I said or did was a threat, possibly it intimidated the asshole to be called the fucking hypocrit that he was and probably still is, but. Then I was cited for disorderly conduct. The slogan serve and protect is the biggest fucking lie in this entire world today because when I was beaten to the ground at the Wildcat house while attending a birthday party and told a kid he was not to have a drink on the floor, with every kind of identification, with witnesses, with camera footage, with tag numbers, this little bastard walked and the system did nothing to him. I on the other hand called a representative of a nation wide organization that claims to be the defender and helper of those on drugs and alcohol, an SOB, and I'm nailed to the wall, my life was completely altered, bottom line, I suffered.

But to think that I came to you for this story and as I've said before, that sorry ass cripple bastard Jeff Smith completely turned the story and situation on me because he had gone to school with this guys wife, and I'm supposing he probably got some head out of the deal to twist and distort the story as he did.

After years and years of battling this problem with loud and intrusive and disrespectful music I came to you once again, why, last resort and no other reason and once again you've ignored this problem. As I went to my parents home this a.m. to repair and make ready their cooler, and bear in mind that I only go there when absolutely necessary even though they are failing so terribly and need me, but I would rather know that I was headed in for a root canal than to go there and be confronted with the music that comes from the Desert Suds car wash. As usual, there was a big Hummer, 2 gang banging little bastards, music cranked up with "so I took off her panties and I fucked that bitch" just blaring through out the neighborhood. The follow up to that was that they were going back to Cali Cali to get their dick sucked and their ass licked.

I realize that liberals like you feel you should be able to assault the public with this kind of behaviour, after all, this is America, you have freedom of speech, fuck everyone else. I'll be the first to admit that I cannot control what people want to listen to or watch or read, you pretty much can't stop a friggin pig from wanting to lie down in the mud and slop, BUT, as a citizen I should not have to be bombarded with that. Whether anyone else does or not, I know that this is the reason for the influx in crime and violence when you've got people running up and down the street with a song playing that encourages them to get their 9mm and leave shorty in a pool of blood.

As I've said recently in various postings on the internet, the only way we'll ever get any results in this war is for people in office, or people like you who could say something about this and stir people up but will not, but hopefully you will suffer from this violence and maybe it will get you off your dead biased one sided ass and help address the problem.

The stupidist, saddest most idiodic, pathetic statement is to hear a community get all riled up and say, "we're going to take back our community". The question is, why the hell did they give it up in the first place? I'll tell you why, because law enforcement and the system refused to do anything about the crime, like weeds in a garden, before it got out of hand. In my parent community you see illegals bailing out of vehicles and running into a home. Home invasions are a regular thing. Drugs and meth labs are common. Kids walk down the middle of the street every afternoon after school, or going to school in the mornings. If you honk at them to move, they either beat on your vehicle as you pass, or even stone it. I rarely watch Maury Provich and his stupid "who's the daddy" shows but the other day as I sat down for a break it was on and it had videos of crime scenes. This girl had just gone for her baby that her mother was keeping while she was at work and a gang of girls pulled her from her car and almost beat her to death. Fight clubs are springing up daily where they are actually filming things like this and acts of violence.

Whether you like me or not, and at this point I damn sure don't like you or respect you for the way you have ignored me any more than I respect the local sheriff's department, but can't you stop for a moment and realize that at some point in time, you are going to suffer from ignoring this violence? Few people stop to realize that crime is a commodity to the cops and the legal system, they have absolutely no desire to eliminate crime. If they did then they could not get a budget increase to buy more vehicles, hire more people, and buy more toys.... Truly in this life, what goes round does come round, and lemme tell ya, pay backs are a bitch.

Whether it ends up being a book or a blog I'm going to begin giving an account of what I've been through with Pima County's pathetic excuse of law enforcement and judicial system. To think that a citizen like myself could write a letter to someone like that bitch Lt. REDACTED who was the head of the REDACTED unit at that time, I just basically outlined all that had happened in the past years I had been trying to get the ordinance passed, and the things that had happened since getting it passed, how it wasn't going to work until the deputies put some teeth into it and what was my response? A visit from Pima County Mental Health, along with several Pima county deputies. Talk about "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" but I was literally sick for days to think that these bastards would respond like this, that there was a possibility that these sons of bitches could put me away from complaining about response time and refusal to cite and actually it took someone else to point out the reason for this tactic and that was at the closing of my letter I had said, "I am not going to give up this crusade to stop this disrespectful and abusive music. At some point in time someone is going to listen and take notice of what I've been through". As my friend pointed out to me, "Warren, they are just covering their ass, if they can discredit you, it will get them off the hook for the things they have said and done, or not done", and of course the light came on when he explained it that way.

So, try and not appear on any more of those shows or give your opinion on this society until you are able to do it with fairness because at this point you are just a total contradiction to everything you say and do.

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