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New Year's Resolution: Saying Yes to Mess

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Once again, it's almost that time when those pesky resolutions keep popping up in the recesses of my mind. A friend told me that she made one resolution last year; because it was only one, she was able to stick to it. Her resolution was to floss her teeth every night.

In the past, I've made numerous resolutions and within a week couldn't remember what they were and most likely misplaced the list. This year, my one resolution is to spend 15 minutes a day organizing or cleaning something. It could be organizing and cleaning my desks, closets, office cabinets, computer folders, online billing, kitchen cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, car, shed, laundry room, book shelves ... basically anything that has a surface, drawers, closets, shelves or folders.

I figure I waste way more than 15 minutes a day yakking on the phone or mindlessly surfing the Web, so 15 minutes on the timer should be painless, right? And for an entire week 15 minutes multiplied by 7 equals 1 hour and 45 minutes, which to me is practically a lifetime of organizing multiplied by multiple weeks and perhaps my life could finally benefit from organization.

On the surface, my brother is organized. I visit him and marvel at his clean desk, but he doesn't work from home like I do. He always brags that he has the organizational gene which has eluded me all my life. I previously had a business partner who was severely anal about organization. Once he brought me an application to enter the messiest office contest from the former Home Office Computing magazine. I didn't win, but I probably should have, because the true winner would lose the application before submitting it.

A recent article in The New York Times advocates saying yes to mess. At last, here's an author who is not giving me 10 tips how to organize my desk. I can write those 10 tips in my sleep but putting them into practice is another story. The article says, "An anti-anticlutter movement is afoot, one that says yes to mess and urges you to embrace your disorder. Studies are piling up that show that messy desks are the vivid signatures of people with creative, limber minds." Maybe I'll have to rethink my solo resolution ...

What's your New Year resolution? More importantly, how do you plan on sticking to it?

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